Catering is a huge business that has been growing rapidly over the past few years, thanks to the rising popularity of cooking as one of the most lucrative industry. Organizing corporate events, birthday parties, anniversaries and wedding are impossible to imagine without catering. All the catering services are dedicated to excellent food quality and presentation, which is a great aspect that guarantees the success of any event.

While choosing venues, menus and settings for an event, many event organizers or caterers often overlook a very important point that relates to catering called “Food Safety”. Besides offering delicious dishes, it is a responsibility of a caterer or food maker to provide safe and healthy food.

Catering business can pose a big risk to food safety because the more the food is handled or transported, the greater the risk of bacterial contamination. Therefore, a caterer should have a watchful eye on the staff or employees to ensure safer food handling practices are followed at all times. In order to provide a quality food, caterers can take help of food safety management system. Moreover, people should also verify the food safety certificate of a food maker or a caterer, which shows the fact that the caterer or food maker is well-aware about all the aspects of food safety, including preparing, handling and transporting of a food in a safe way.

Every caterer should know all food products or cooked products are easily get spoiled. Therefore to ensure the food safety, there are a few basic aspects that every caterer is expected to follow in order to avoid food poisoning in catering. If you’re a food caterer willing establish a strong business, you must consider a few basic guidelines related to food safety standard.

Here’re a few tips that caterers can follow in order to maintain food safety standards in their events:

  • Always follow safe food preparation practices, avoid wasting food. For catered events, most of the food is prepared before time at a central and then transported to the event or made at an on-site kitchen. In any of the scenario, it is must that you cook food at the recommended temperatures in order to preserve the natural ingredients. Apart from this, caterers should keep themselves aware about the food safety laws in their particular state. Also, they can leverage from the special trainings provided by local colleges or institutes to deliver the best food quality.
  • Ensure you have a good transport mechanism to transport food. You should transport food in insulated food carriers while keeping both hot and cold foods at the appropriate temperature when being transported to the event.
  • Ensure you have a good cooking area. A caterer should ensure that they cook food in a good area, a place which is clean and free from mold and rates. You should ensure that you’ve separate areas to keep and handle raw and cooked products to avoid food contamination. Apart from this, ensure you have a good method to keep the food hot or cold during the serving.
  • Staffing is critical – Having a good group of people that can handle themselves under stressful situations is a key aspect of any catering business. One should have a well-trained and well-qualified team of servers, cooks and administrative assistants. If you can’t find trained resources, then you can also approach independent contractors for staffing. Moreover, it is important to balance the number of permanent and hired resources due to workload in order to get rid of over staffing issue.
  • Have hand washing stations and dish washing equipment available to ensure the food safety. Caterers should have commercial dishwashers in order to clean any food contact surfaces and utensils during and after the event. You can also leverage from the food safety management system in order to provide extra protection for the food for the outdoor events.

Ensure you follow all the guidelines discussed above in this article as “Safer Food Means More Business.” Do you have more suggestions or tips to improve the food safety? Share your views in the comments…!