Chicken longganisa sold in saudi arabiaChicken is the most popular food sought for especially by children in the Philippines.  So, packed chicken longganisa is never absent in the market, aside from pork.  Favorably, it accompanies rice in the pack lunch of school children who don’t have enough time to go home for lunch.

Additives to Chicken Longganisa

The human body is dependent on protein and other vitamins and minerals. Chicken meat, devoid of the skin, minimizes the intake of fats which is so much in pork. Encyclopedia Britannica (1984) features that “chicken, is a very healthful food,… a good source of protein, providing 67.7% of the daily values in 4 ounces”.

Today, chicken price has gone high, sometimes the supply could not meet the demands of the consumers, chicken manufacturing industries almost absorb the produced chickens from poultry farms.  To remedy the situation, a high school student came to think of solving the problem.  In a thesis assigned to them, the processing of chicken longganisa (the favorite of such teenager) with the addition of other ingredients, less preservatives came to mind..

There were 3 additives that were used during the trial:  bell pepper, carrots and potatoes.  The preparation proved a success.

Benefits to Consumers

The additive, bell pepper is a good source of Vitamin A, contains carotenoid, as a llycopene-containing food.  It prevents arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, cancer of the breast and prostate, and adds color and flavor to food.

Carrots, is a high sugar supplier, but also a good high sugar regulator.  It supplies the body with carotene, convertible to Vitamin A, for the eyes. An excellent source of Vitamin A, C,D, E, K, B, and B6, it gives the body calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, biotin and many more.

On the other hand, potato provides calories to the body with protein, potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorus, Vitamin C, A,B and P. Potatoes help prevent rheumatism and indigestion.

The additives to the processing of chicken longganisa has lessen the cost by 1/5 and came out as an improvised form of the ordinary chicken longganisa.  Additional production of said product has gained orders from neighbors and customers; however, the family is short of time for the preparation.

Chicken Longganisa with the additives could be a good source of income especially in the farms where students have no time to go home for lunch, and for families who have less time to go to the market daily. Stocked for a week, workers would not have any more problems with their packed lunches.  Another most important characteristic of this processed food is the absence of chemical preservative., instead, calamansi juice. But one more additive needs testing. An additive of pineapple would prove more delicious.

The problem of students and workers who are far from their homes everyday is the supply of food for lunch.  The concept of a high school teenager brought about the processing of chicken longganisa with additives of carrots, potatoes, and bell pepper, without any chemical preservative.  The product came out successfully of good taste, aroma and texture.


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