Goodah Soos Mami

One late night weekday after a gym workout, we tried this Chicken Mami at Goodah Soos – a Filipino restaurant in Sulimanya, Riyadh. For the price of SR 12, a bowl of this most popular Pinoy soup can serve two persons.

We were not aware of the servings so I opted to finish this big bowl of mami. The broth is not that tasty (maybe the taste of real chicken broth cubes), but served hot it’s quite appetizing complete with much carrots, onions and cabbage. Or maybe I was just craving for a hot soup after a gym workout and the weather is windy and cold. It is also served with one whole egg. The chicken pieces on the other hand is not really blending well with the soup because it’s not that meaty as it tastes just boiled chicken. Good thing, the noodle is still firm.

Goodah Soos is frequented by many Filipinos as it serves mainly Filipino foods i.e. silogs and all. I will definitely come back for more of the value meals whenever my cravings for real pinoy food and whenever possible because most often the place is packed with kabayans and the place is a too small.

Overall Likeness: 

Moderately Like

Goodah Soos