Coco’s Restaurant, Dubai

Very late for lunch, we immediately head towards Deira City Center after arrival. We only checked-in for the hotel and looked for some new place to eat. We found ourselves in Coco’s Restaurant.

The place looks upbeat and there are a lot of Filipino and Filipina servers. Coming from Riyadh where there are no ladies on majority of stores, it’s nice being served by Pinay kabayans. The menu consists of mixed international cuisine mostly Italian and Mexican.

I had broccoli soup as a starter to ease by appetite. I was glad I finished my Broccoli soup to the last spoon, scraping the bottom of the bread bowl. It made the soup richer and filling. Here is the full review and photo of the broccoli soup. That reason was because I didn’t find the rest of the meal interesting.

Quesadilla Chicken – Coco’s

seafood cannelloni – Coco’s

I was expecting big portions for the price indicated on the menu. I was more surprised that the serving was even larger. But I wasn’t sure about the taste, but I didn’t comment at first. Until, my friends said that it seems they have too much salt to put on their food. At first I tasted the Seafood Cannelloni and it seemed salty. Then, the next dish, Quesadilla Chicken again was salty confirming my first taste. The experience was not that really satisfying as a whole.

The only thing that compliments the experience was the portion, with which we ended up having the left over for takeout.