Letty's Buko PieI had tasted Letty’s Buko Pie a couple of times in various special occasions. The taste becomes my standard of what should buko pie be. So again and again, whenever possible I try to savour it as much as I can. Good thing, I have a friend from Laguna who cam easily get me some. Thanks for my friend who has made me known about this pride of Laguna in the Philippines. 

Laguna Letty's Buko PoeOnce at work, my cravings to eat Letty’s Buko Pie was activated. I couldn’t convince myself try other pie commercialy available in various convenience stores. I still can recall the flaky crust, warm and buttery aroma from the last time. The buko strips inside are very tender and mildly sweetened with the custardy filling. I must say that you will enjoy the generous amount of buko or young coconut.

For the price of Php 120 per regular size buko pie, this is really worth it. Letty’s Buko Pie is truely satisfying treat.