It’s an honor to present one of the popular and award winning blogs of an expat Pinoy here in Saudi Arabia, The Pink Tarha. Browsing their website, you’ll be amazed of their very detailed reviews of food and restaurants they’ve been in and around Riyadh. It’s their way of sharing their dining experience to fellow Filipinos in Saudi Arabia. You’ll also be amazed of the very creative way on how they take food photos. On one of their latest food blog, they intricately discussed their reviews about Marta’s Cakes and Korean Palace restaurant. You’ll surely wait for more of their food reviews.

The Pink Tarha is a lifestyle blog of four Filipinas living and working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. When asked what inspires them to include food reviews in their blog, they emphasized that The Pink Tarha covers a wide topic not only about food.

The Pink Tarha is not a blog about food only. Food is one of its parts. Our tagline “The Ladies’ Lifestyle Guide to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia” inspired us to write about the gustatory experience here in Riyadh. A lifestyle guide of a city almost always includes a food and drinks category. And we’re happy to oblige! Our early entries on restaurants generated good feedback from our readers and from the people who work in our featured restaurants.

Now with regards of getting ideas in making blogs about food, here is what they replied.

Before, we’d always ask each other where to eat next and we’d be stumped for hours thinking of answers and another few hours choosing among the answers. So, the eternal question… “Sa’n tayo kakain?” (Where are we eating?) inspired us to blog about food. Somehow, the answer “Kahit saan!” (Anywhere!) doesn’t satisfy us anymore. We figured out that a lot of expats in Riyadh were also in the same situation so we decided to ‘help out.’ We began writing about our experiences in the restaurants we ate in; commenting on how the food tastes, what the ambiance is, and how much are the food we’re eating in the blog. We review not as gourmets or connoisseurs (because we’re not) but as typical, ordinary consumers. We hoped that this would narrow down choices or somewhat make decision-making on where to eat next easier for others. 

The Pink Tarha also answered without hesitation the question, “What is your greatest accomplishment in your blog?”

At this point, we consider receiving heartfelt comments and emails from our readers our greatest achievement. When we receive comments that tell us that we’ve helped people adjust to or enjoy their life in Riyadh, we feel proud of The Pink Tarha because that means we’re living up to being the “guide” that we envisioned to be. Comments that tell us we’re making readers happy, putting smiles on their faces, or that we’re so informative are trophies that make blogging worth it. Also, we consider having guy readers an achievement. They’re not our primary target readers (we heart you, ladies!) but if men are reading the blog and enjoying it, then it makes us really happy to see men read pink. Haha.

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