Being a non-smoker, I stay away from smokers so I always choose the non-smoking area of the restaurant. But have you experienced while enjoying your food, someone on the next table started to smoke – even if the place is a non-smoking area?

Unfortunately, I had experienced this many times. I’m sure many of us non-smokers will get annoyed in this situation. What I do sometimes is just ask the waiter to transfer me to another table away from the smoker. Well, it’s my own way to show the smoker of my dismay. But when times that I feel the need to tell the smoker to stop, I actually did one time. Good thing, the person was apologetic and went out to finish his cigarette.

I still don’t understand why smokers, in spite of know facts about the health risks of smoking, they still do. Even if every government worldwide gives much information of the diseases that will be acquired smoking, still the industry of tobacco exists. I just hope that the business of tobacco will look for alternative business or jobs so as to stop the production of cigarettes. Well, it will not be in the near future.

I admit once I tried smoking when I was young, but it was not for me. It made me sick, having too much colds and cough that I always lost my appetite eating. Until finally, the day come that I quit. I know smoking is addicting, but I guess the only factor that will stop the smoker from smoking is the string will power.

Going back to dining away from smokers, I just hope they should be responsible enough not to share their second hand smoke to

people inside the restaurant. That is why, almost all restaurants assign designated places for smokers. I’m not sure if in Makati, Philippines if there still a ban on smoking in public places like restaurants. I hope it still exists. I once thought if ever I’ll have my own restaurant business, I guess I will not allow smokers. But too bad it will be a loss in profit. But thinking further, I guess if the food is really great, smokers will refrain from smoking to enjoy the food.

In any case, I’m still optimistic that at least one day at least smoking will be forbidden. I’m such an advocate of no smoking now.