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As to this date, Dixie Cream Donuts has only two locations outside the United States – in Saudi Arabia and in Egypt. You’ll be surprised that their first store outside the US is the one in Tahlia St. in Riyadh. You’ll wonder why it seems that Dixie Cream is popular in the US but they still don’t have stores in Europe or Asia.

Anyway, the visit here in this store in Riyadh was a bit unlikely pleasant. You will see the shelves is almost empty and less people visiting the place. Dixie Cream might not be that popular yet among Saudis as to other brands of donuts.

We ordered a box of 8 pcs donuts for take away, but looking at the donuts it seemed big and heavy to eat. When tasted, you might find it very sweet to our liking. The good thing you could taste was the donut tasted less oily. One donut would fill you up easily. It somewhat melted easily in your mouth. There were a lot of flavors to choose from, but I wasn’t able to identify a specific one that satisfies my appetite for donuts. Maybe a nest visit would give me a more time to indulge myself more on the taste with a cup of coffee. We also needed to observe if on regular busy weekends, the store might be frequented more with Saudis.

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This Dixie Cream Donuts store is located in Thalia St. beside Radio Shack on the side near the Sulaimaniyah area. Two stores are also opened at the Hyatt Mall and Al Othaim Mall also in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. You can visit their website at www.dixiecream-ksa.com.


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