I am always asked by my close relatives to prepare delicious dishes. Despite on my gender, I am fond of cooking. Perhaps, someone doesn’t understand my inspired passion to cook tasty things. However, I am the only member in my family who can cook any dish following any recipe. It is a known fact that men are the best cooks.

Don’t you believe? Several years ago, it was hardly to believe that men could be really good at cooking. There are many men who became chief cooks of the restaurants. If you have a passion and interest to cook, your gender is not a big issue. Thus, neither men nor women are great cooks. Unlike women, men always follow steps given in recipes. They measure all of the required ingredients, never being mistaken.

My Mom always told me that my dishes are absolutely unique. All my three sisters usually ask me to cook birthday pies and cookies for their children, my little nephews. Actually, it is not a gift by God or talent; it is something that I have a strong passion with. Where do I get the recipes from? Of course, the Internet is the only one way where I can get all those recipes. However, as a rule, I look for recipes in old magazines, ask people, share my own ideas and often subscribe at cooking websites.

In spite of lack of time, I try to devote my spare time to pleasure cooking for my family members. In my article, I forgot to mention that cooking is an art. It can be undoubtedly compared with composing a picture, writing, building an airplane, creating incredible and yet undiscovered masterpieces.

My point is to cook only healthy and fresh dishes. I don’t mind to have my dishes prepared quickly, but all of the ingredients must be of high quality. In addition to the mentioned above, I would be glad to help you with a menu. So, your Holiday Menu would be doubtlessly built the way you like. I have a lot of experience creating menus for parties, celebrations, weddings and other social events. My last experience was cooking a raspberry swirl cheesecake and onion pancakes with spices. Actually, it is really easy to cook these dishes.

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