I was told once by my daughter to eat slow and savor the moment. I was stunned and didn’t know what response I should to say to her when she wittily told this to me.

In one time, we were having our brunch. We had the usual pancakes and eggs. She cooked a couple of pieces after I mixed the ingredients. The hot Milo is ready while she prefers her cold one. We were all set and we’re ready to much our brunch. I was already halfway with my pancakes and my daughter just finished her first one. I asked her why she’s eating slow and I asked her if she didn’t like the pancakes. She immediately told me that she wanted to savour the moment (of eating pancakes).

On another time, I cooked ground beef with tomato sauce for our lunch. I was eating fast and again I noticed she’s eating slow. I asked her if she didn’t like what I cook. But she smiled and said, she is savoring the moment.


In realization, I am missing her growing up years since I’m working abroad. I used to believe that she still young and without much to say. But she now speaks her mind. I thank my daughter now that she imparted this to me. I’m trying to keep in mind to eat slow. At times especially when I like the food too much, I can’t help myself but to eat and eat. But now, I have a reminder in me. For sure, there are more health benefits of eating slow rather that have your stomach full of food in a matter of seconds.