Pain D’Or food

Pain d’Or is popular for its variety of delicious products, high and reliable quality, constant cleanliness control and economically clean production practice. This is true but many still don’t like how Pain d’Or food tastes. Many say that the taste of their food is not what it should taste like. You will find their food bland or mild in flavor.

But there is good thing about bland foods. The taste of Pain d’Or foods being bland is somewhat less salt and spice. This may be beneficial because you can get away with too much fat, salt and spice that may lead to certain diseases.

Pain d’ Or Food. Pan d’Or food is not for people with meticulous appetite. You can find their food simple and mild. The lasagna and Alfredo pasta is somewhat lacking in creaminess and flavor of cheese. Even the grilled salmon has less flavor. You can’t identify if it’s with the cooking or the ingredients used that made it very mild and bland.

Pain d’ Or Price. Food is a bit pricey for a grilled salmon that is SR 55. The rest is average. Total bill is SR 147.45 for three person with left overs for take away.

Pain d’ Or Service. At the time of arrival, the bachelors section is empty and we need to really look for the person to take the order. Good thing, a staff from the kitchen happen to see us. There is still service charge on the bill but as far as we know, the Saudi government does not allow this anymore as per news. The waiter insisted for us to talk to his manager.

Pain d’ Or Ambiance. The restaurant has a clean feel and look and the style is typical.

Pain d’ Or Location. We frequently visit the branch in Talateen Street, Riyadh.

Pain d O’r Overall Likeness: 4=moderately like

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