Here’s another interesting food blog by an award winning blogger Mae Ilagan. Mae recently won the search for the Ultimate Food Blogger by Sooo Pinoy for her food blog entries at We are now to feature her own personal food blog

When asked what inspires her to create, she replied that is a special blog which she shares with Frank Ruaya and it has always been about celebrating life, making memories and sharing them with people. She also added, “We aim to share our blessings with our readers so they can also experience a slice of the good life. We just really love what we do and our blog serves as our venue to document all our adventures and misadventures. We never thought that by doing so, we’d be able to go places for free. We are very thankful and blessed. It is also because of me and frank’s love for photography so nagclick talaga kame as a team.  Many people see our work to be very alive and looking very happy. We have a certain chemistry perhaps.”

In response to the question about  how to you sustain the popularity of or the interest in your food blog, she answered below.

 “Our blog has never been and never will be about being popular. The quality of our photos and the heartfelt real stories we believe, are the main reasons why we have such loyal readers. We are very passionate with what we do so that’s why we continue to fascinate and arouse people’s interest. We value our credibility a lot.”

The piece of advice she would you like to share with other food bloggers is to produce better photos, think out of the box and have the proper mindset. “I noticed that most bloggers are only in it for the free stuff. NO! You have to be passionate with what you’re doing. Seize each opportunity and have fun! Always have an appetite for life!!”

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