Cin Cin Restaurant Turkey (1)In a rare jaunt in Istanbul, Turkey, I was delighted with the food many times. you could have indulge in various grilled meats of lamb and beef with occasional fish that are tasty but moderately seasoned. But being Asians, we still crave for rice, noodles and pork. We found ourselves looking for a Chinese restaurant near to Taksim Square. There, we found a restaurant a wide range of Chinese traditional dishes such as rice, noodles, dumplings and soups. Also, there were other Asian restaurants in the mall area like Sushico in Kanyon Mall.

Being a hungry Filipino in Istanbul – I mean a food lover, I can’t end the day without tasting some of these Chinese cuisines, so we found ourselves dining at Cin Cin Restaurant. Like any Chinese restaurants, Cin Cin has one of the fastest dining services I ever experienced. Their crews were attentive and very friendly. Well, that time of the day – late night we were the only customer. The female attendant is very polite and helpful. The authenticity of food cannot be denied; for they have Chinese cooks that made sure of the quality of taste that each and every dish they serve.

Cin Cin Restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere for casual dining. But if you have some business matters to discuss, or want to take a special someone for romantic date, then his place is not commendable. Inside were comfortable chairs, and round tables can be seen. The background music was soothing, although it changes genre every now and then.

Cin Cin Restaurant Turkey

It was our fourth day in Istanbul and without rice to my recall. So we had a just enough from the menu because we are about to go a drink. They serve different dishes such as Spicy Sour Soup, Crispy Chicken with Ginger, Sole Fish with Ginger Garlic Sauce and of course the a lot of Egg Rice. In order or mention, here is the name in Turkish; Acili Eksili Çorba, Zencefilli Çitir Tavuk, Zencefilli Sarimsakli Soslu Dil Baligi, and Yumurtali Pilav. Total bill was 59.75 TL inclusive of drinks for two persons.

Cin Cin Restaurant Turkey (3) Cin Cin Restaurant Turkey (5) Cin Cin Restaurant Turkey (4)

Dining at Cin Cin Restaurant was just right and enough for this place in Turkey where there had not much of competition in Chinese restaurants. In general, most of their food choices were filling and tasty. If you are really into Chinese foods, then Cin Cin can offer them to you when you’re in Istanbul, Turkey – just be wise on choosing which ones to order.

You can check out their website at
Zambak Sok. 5/A ?ehit Muhtar Mh.
34435 Beyo?lu/Istanbul, Türkiye
Tel: +90 (0212) 244 21 85

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