Nespresso Lattissima PlusLattissima Plus is another product under the brand of Nespresso, manufactured by Nestle Group of companies. This advance technology of coffee making product comes with program that enables the a person to set the desired quantity of milk and coffee and also enables the person to set the desired quality of water whether it would be hard, medium, or soft.

In just a single press, variety of drinks can already be made. Whether it can be macchiato, cappuccino and the like, this brewing product can easily make it-in just a single press of the button. Not just that Lattissima Plus could also adjust the frothiness of the drink, making a hassle fee homemade coffee experience. You can even create what kind of coffee do you prefer to drink at any given time.

With regards to cleaning, automatic setups are already made. Simply touch the button as instructed and it will automatically clean any pipe that was filled with milk or coffee. Not only that, in case the size of cup is too big, too small, or in between of these two, Lattissima can adjust itself based on the size of the cup.

If there is still a milk left on the container, just put in the ref for future use. There will be no problem when it comes to reheating; Lattissima Plus can re-heat this in less than a minute.

Nespresso Lattissima Plus comes with different colors: Silky White, Ice Silver, Passion Red, Midnight Blue and Magic Black. Whether it comes with different colors, the elegance of this product still remains on top of the quality line. Built by under Nestle Group, this will definitely be a high quality machine to create coffee that will surely be loved by everyone.

Several comments on this product are pretty good. Others commented that this product has poor performance at first but, when they continuously used it, they already can tell that this product was pretty amazing. Some bought it as a surprise gift (why not do this also) while others use it for parties and they feel good about the product. Some who also bought the product relates it to best coffees that they tasted in different countries. Therefore, this product would not be a money-wasting one.

What I like most using the Lattissima Plus is the convenience of having the right type of coffee I need for a given time. In the morning, I can have the Ristretto blend for a powerful and contrasting intensity which keeps me active in my daily routine. So far I am liking the Rosabaya de Colombia for the anytime drink. The Decaffeinato is a must during late dinners and wanting a cup of coffee thereafter. Th only thing I complain now is I don’t spend much time anymore visiting my favorite coffee shops as I get to enjoy having coffee at home.

Lattissima Plus will definitely make a good coffee experience. With its programmable functions users can surely say it is convenient to use and can improve the rich taste of coffee. This will be a recommended product for all who loves coffee.

Below is the unboxing video of  Nespresso Lattissima Plus.