Chijmes-SingaporeChijmes is a legendary and historical building compound which is considered as a national monument in the country Singapore. The place used to be a Catholic convent school but was restored and developed into a commercial area wherein entertainment, shopping and dining abound. This is a leading and foremost tourist destination in Singapore, which allows tourists to have a taste of Singaporean ambience with sophistication.

If you want to experience and enjoy an evening of fun, entertainment and good food, definitely, the place offers whatever you want to make your stay more memorable. There is a mysterious feeling around the place and it totally unfolds as the night goes deeper in time.

Chijmes is usually crowded with patrons and especially whenever they have special events, all restaurants have their own offers. Once I had a chance to visit the place and I was a bit lost because I may not be aware of the place. It was noted that Chijames had various pubs and restaurants inside the vicinity serving various continental foods.

Together with friends, we had our dinner at Table 108. The restaurant offers a wide array of food from mixed Asian to local cuisines mainly Indian, Indochinese, Thai and Vietnamese. Seen also in the Menu were some Italian and American food. At the time of visit, other restaurants in the vicinity were filled with people expecting a World Cup screening. We had several beers and yes, the place was some kind of an outdoor pub. Although I couldn’t remember what food I tastes, I knew it was an upscale one.

You can also dine at one of the restaurants in Chijmes and try some of these places:

Harry’s Gastro Bar. This may sound like a beer and liquor place but in reality a little bit of everything is around here. Aside from affordable, delicious food, there are of course drinks available. To top it all, you can watch your favorite rugby and football games, dragon boat races and cricket matches while taking a bite of their exotic sandwiches and burgers, wraps and pastas, with unbelievable desserts all at reasonable prices.

Lei Garden. This is a type of Chinese restaurant that provides a satisfying experience. Here, excellent service is being practiced by trained staff from the moment you step in the door of the restaurant. Even phone reservations are given prompt attention by the receptionist. A variety of Chinese cuisine is served to the delight of the customer. If you happen to visit Chijmes, do not miss the opportunity to dine with on this exquisite and unique restaurant.

Oishi. A Japanese restaurant, sukiyaki and sushi lovers would love to enjoy the place. There are lunch and dinner available, and you really can get that Japanese ambience you want. During night time, wines and other cocktails are readily available in Oishi.

Hog’s Breath Café. For some the name sounds awful, but this is a restaurant that offers seafood as specials and the usual steaks. The café highlights its’ child friendly place with available playpen and unique menu for kids. Some days of the week prices on beverages are being offered  with big discounts and on weekends beers are available at the lowest price while kids eat free of charge. There are also some freebies such as caps and T-shirts given away as souvenirs.

Chijmes is located at 30 Victoria St, Singapore.

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