IL Terrazzo RiyadhIt was Brazilian buffet at IL Terrazzo. And thus it can be the right time to get all grilled meats in one sitting. Well at least for me to have a taste what is like dining Brazilian style. The dining area in Il Terrazzo  is outdoor with the scenery of the Al Faisaliah Tower at the backdrop and as well as the plaza. It will be best to dine here during winter season as the place is only misted to control heat. It seems that IL Terrazzo has an all time Brazilian buffet menu.

The buffet table for salads consisted of just ordinary few vegetables and fruits to select. The other side of the buffet table then consisted with various types of desserts mostly chocolate-based cake. This Brazilian buffet at IL Terrazzo was extremely different from previous buffet we had at The Ritz Carlton.

IL Terrazzo Restaurant Riyadh

After the brief welcoming by the dining staff, I made sure to remember that I should turn the round chip into the red-colored side. This should signal the server whenever I wanted to stop receiving slices of grilled meats. We had Jasmine Vine Sour – a mix of fresh pineapple and lemon juice, layered with flavours of jasmine and green tea, grape juice and topped with sparkling water.

We had a tasty spicy soup for a start after we had the greens. It must have been increased my appetite on meats. Although I look forward more of the grilled fish or seafood instead.

Brazilian Buffet – Grilled Meats

Brazilian Buffet IL Terrazzo Riyadh

The first meat on my hot large plate was the grilled veal rubbed with sage and lemon. The smell was so good that when the server gave me 3 slice, I asked for more. But then I realized there were more types of meats to come. I liked the grilled veal moderately.

Next was grilled Australian lamb with rosemary and garlic. It was tasty and juicy and had less aftertaste. Then there was the grilled pigeon, and I mistaken it as quail and I didn’t like the taste.

The grilled aged-beef with Cajun and spices tasted moderately good, meat somehow succulent.

The grilled shrimps were a bit dry while the grilled deer was not palatable to my taste. I just didn’t like how the texture was when chewing the meat. The grilled corn fed chicken wrapped in bacon was moderately seasoned as well and I find it overcooked.

What was not really appetizing to eat was the grilled baby camel seasoned with clove and garlic. The texture of the meat was not appetizing to eat as well as the taste of the meat.

I must say that even though I didn’t like much of all the grilled meats that were served – I might not be accustomed on how it was cooked the Brazilian way.

All of the grilled meats and seafood were lightly seasoned. Being accustomed to sweet-savory type of barbeque, I found tasting these meats grilled in a Brazilian way a bit boring to eat. But then again, it was worthy knowing how to eat in a Brazilian buffet. The Brazilian dinner buffet at Il Terrazzo Restaurant cost SAR 260 per person excluding the drinks. One large water coat SAR 37, the Jasmine Vine Sour SAR 42 per glass, and Coca Cola SAR 25 per glass.

IL Terrazzo Restaurant is located at Al Faisaliah Hotel, Olaya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
For reservations, you may call +966 11 273 2222 or email [email protected] or visit the Rosewood Hotel website.
Dinner is available 8 p.m. to midnight.