Eager tasting the burgers at Fatburger, I was surprised it’s just an ordinary restaurant serving burgers. There’s nothing much different with the place. It seems like a fastfood store.

I was thinking that the burgers were bigger than expected just because of the name. Well, the serving is a bit pricey.

The burger patty is juicy and easy on your stomach. I don’t feel heavy eating half of the A1 burger and regular Fatburger specialty.

You’ll also like how they wrap their burger, the Fatburger way.

We tried their dessert, and it was just great with their coffee. I don’t know what’s in their brewed coffee that it smells good and taste well even without milk or sweetener.


Fatburger Al Bustan
Al Bustan Center, Takhassusi Street
Riyadh, 11432, Saudi Arabia
Tel. No. 01 215 4176
Fax. No. 01 215 4175