Polvoron is very tedious to prepare. When I found this image from my Facebook friend and grade school classmate, I immediately contacted her so I can feature what she’s made at her home in Tel Aviv, Israel where she works as an OFW. I noticed that most Filipinos working abroad – just like me, fancy cooking and preparing various Filipino food at home.

Here’s what she prepared a polvoron where she used a falafel molder as a substitute for the usual pulvoron molder. Falafel is an Arab food made from chickpeas or fava beans molded into patty or balls, then deep fried. She even wrapped her pulvoron in colorful papers and gave some to her friends.

The Philippines being an ex-colony of Spain, Polvoron is inherited by Filipinos and at present time there are variations from the original Spanish shortbread. The Philippine type of polvoron has a lot of powdered milk, mixed with toasted flour and butter or margarine to create a rich-tasty version. To add variation or flavors, cashew nuts, peanuts, pinipig, ube, or chocolate can be added.

I would like to try to prepare my own version of polvoron – hopefully soon.

Philippine polvoron