feeling lazy

feeling lazy

You wanted to transcribe, but you feel lazy. You wanted to write articles, but you feel lazy. You wanted to proofread your work, but you feel lazy.

Everyone of us experience in one way another feeling lazy whenever we attempt to start our home based transcription job. It is a problem that most of us associate to being at home – we tend to relax a bit. In spite of our much motivation, we are still feeling lazy.

A reader replied with this texts in my Yahoo Answers post.

“Sometimes you feel lazy, if you have lot of relatives, or small children at home.
Then he made a follow up, I guess this is his way of motivation to avoid feeling lazy.

Working at home is actually a benefit in itself. Because you work out of your home this can mean a substantial savings. This savings can consist of day care costs, clothing expenses, traveling expenses, meal expenses, and even time that is taken unpaid. As for benefits themselves, over the past few years many companies are now offering medical benefits, paid time off, pension plans, life insurance, etc. So all in all, being a transcriptionist can be very, very lucrative.”