cakesFood technology advances one important purpose of the food industry – to come out with a healthier food supply for healthy consumers. One top news from magazines posted via the Internet emphasized how fiber combination affect and effect healthier foods. Adding soluble and insoluble fibers to sponge cakes and breads will add more appeal to the consumers. But how does the addition of fibers to food pose to health.

Production of Appealing Bakes

Producers of food never aimed at anything destructive to the buyers; they aim at high quality. Their target is to come out with the most appealing produce, not only to the taste and aroma, but to the taste as well.  Thus, tests after tests were conducted regarding problems encountered by the use of fibers in baking sponge cakes and bread. Usually this will tantamount to decreased softness of crumbs, texture becomes poor volume is lowered.  Tests after tests were conducted  by DuPont to overcome the   question at hand. A control recipe was provided, baking was performed  using soluble fiber Litesse and  insoluble fiber Fibrim.  Finally it came out  with a perfect volume, much improvised texture of soft crunch, and the fiber  combination resulting to a very appealing bake. There was no resulting compromise as to quality and the  greatest advantage has shown that consumers enjoyed a healthier food with satisfying taste.

Fiber-Rich Diet Advantage

Healthy foods from fiber-rich diets are weapons to fight constipation, high BP and also the development of pathogens in the intestines. The world population is short of fiber intake. Based on RDI, it is lower than 25-30 g. as per standard.

It is therefore the main target of food technology experts to produce other means of increasing fiber-rich foods, most especially sponge cakes and bread which are best for the young and the old aged. This however poses another striking question to DuPont.  Which is more beneficial to consume, fiber-rich sponge cake and bread with soluble and insoluble fiber combination against less fiber-rich ones which costs less yet with similar texture, volume and brown surfac?e? The advantage has an accompanying disadvantage.

Experts and food technologists desired to come out with the best sponge cakes and bread to supply sufficient amount of healthier foods to diets.  Despite however of the good results in coming up with fiber-rich sponge cakes and bread utilizing the combination of soluble fiber Litesse and the insoluble-fiber Fibrim, eaters began counting the cost. Of course, adding the ingredients has a favorable result on the texture, volume and browning; it also simultaneously does in the cost of production. Hence, a higher price for the healthier food.