Who says you can’t enjoy real Filipino food in the Middle East? It doesn’t really mean that if you’re in the Middle East, you can’t have it all. Here in the island of Bahrain, you can experience again the taste of real Filipino food including all time favourites like Crispy Pata, Lechon Kawali and Boneless Bangus. That is why, once visiting Bahrain coming from Saudi Arabia, it is a must to see this Filipino restaurant called Bahay Kubo Restaurant.

There was another long vacation holiday in Saudi Arabia, so a visit in Bahrain was planned earlier. Looking forward to taste this much talked about Filipino restaurant, we made sure to visit Bahay Kubo Restaurant Bahrain. We allotted our lunch time on our second day to make sure we’ll enjoy the feast of the food. Going to the location from our hotel, we took the route given by the GPS that was a bit odd because we were driving along narrow streets. That made us more excited to where we are going to.

Reaching the location of the restaurant, it’s not situated on major streets. It seemed near to Filipino community as it is somehow near the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. From the outside, Bahay Kubo Restaurant in Bahrain looked like an ordinary carinderia except the huge signage that made it noticeable.

Because Bahrain is open to other culture of various nationalities, pork is available here for non-Muslims. Here in Bahay Kubo Restaurant, you can have a feast of various dishes containing pork. We ordered almost all pork dishes including Inihaw na Liempo, Pork Binagoongan, Sinigang na Baboy and Crispy Pata.

The Restaurant Ambiance

Getting inside the restaurant, you will feel like in a real bahay kubo. Although the bamboo walls are made from concrete, still it serves the purpose. The place has also a playground for kids that it fits for the family.

The Food at Bahay Kubo

Overall the food tastes real delicious Filipino food. The marinade of the pork belly (Inihaw na Liempo) is well balanced, not too salty and a little bit sweet. The Pork Binagoongan is somewhat different to taste because it has a lot of tomatoes. Good thing, it balanced the saltiness of the bagoong. The Sinigang na Baboy has well seasoned tamarind broth, not too sour with ample amount of vegetables served hot on the pot. Well, of course everybody loves the Crispy Pata.

Enjoying the feast of Filipino food, we made sure to bring out Pork Adobo for dinner at the hotel later. Bahay Kubo Restaurant is to be found in Building 822, Road 723, Area 307 Gudiaybia, Kingdom of Bahrain. Bahay Kubo is at the back the Middle East Hotel and across from the Indian Club.

Contact info:
Website: www. bahaykubobahrain.com
Telephone: 00973 17231996
Email: [email protected]