India is a country with unique and interesting foods in their cuisines. The country is unified but really diverse when it comes to food. This diversity in food makes India very loaded in integrating their food with culture.  Their food gives a chance to experience it’s diversity.

Indian food is generally healthy. Whether it is non-vegetarian food or vegetarian food, India offers a unique treats to satisfy health conscious individuals. Since majority of Indian food is prepared in a healthy way, health is given as much importance after taste.

In no particular order, here we listed five favorite healthy foods in India. These are all good in taste as well.

Idli and sambar. This is a great tandem of healthy foods in India. It originally comes in Southern India but now popular throughout the country. Many believed that idlis are very nutritious. Made from fermented black lentils and rice, it is very low in fats and high in lysine. Since it is fermented, it is easily digested and metabolize by the body. Sambar is usually served with Idli and is really healthy because it is made with lots of vegetables mainly pigeon peas.

Curd rice with saggu. Made from yogurt and boiled rice, this is really popular as it is also served in religious rituals. It is very flavourful as well because of various spices added to it like chillies, ginger and curry leaves. Health benefits is associated with the unsweetened yogurt being used.

Fish Curry. Fish is generally healthy, and when cooked with Indian curry, it becomes a favorite healthy food in India. Most popular in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, it is served in various restaurants all over the world.

Kulcha. It is a flatbread of India particularly in the Punjabi region. Usually served with chickpea curry, it is the primary energy giving food of the Punjabis. Wheat flour used for Kulcha usually is high in fiber.

Kebab. Popular worldwide, originating from the Middle East, the Indian kebab is one of the healthy foods. It is very savoury and usually has less fat and more protein. The manner of cooking makes it’s a healthy alternative for frying. Either fish, meat or chicken, it is prepared in a healthy manner leaving fat behind.

Traditional Indian foods are healthy and tasty. These five healthy foods in India can’t be comparable to any processed foods that are unhealthy.

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