Browsing more about Filipino food related blogs, I chanced upon the website Best of Riyadh (, which mainly not all about food. One article that caught my attention is about the ‘Pinoy Sorbetes or the Fruits in Ice Cream’. I wanted to blog this a long time ago, when I first tasted this in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I found out from there on that this is a popular ice cream brand, but not in the mainstream.

FIC is somehow marketed particularly in areas like Serendra and some high-end establishments. But here in Saudi Arabia, you can especially find FIC in places frequented by many Filipinos. Understandably, places like Balad in Jeddah and Batha in Riyadh are most likely visited by kabayans looking for Filipino food, and so FIC can be found here.

The website Best of Riyadh blogs about everything in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Topics included in the blog are everything about what can one do in Riyadh. Readers will have a look about articles related to food enthusiasts, travelers and people who loves to review the places they have visited in Riyadh. There are subjects about photography, gadgets and shopping centers and sales within the city.

Pinoy Sorbetes Fruits in Ice Cream Found in-Tamimi Dahbab – For Filipinos looking for Pinoy Sorbetes, ( Philippine Ice Cream ) , we have found a newly open store inside Tamimi Store in Dahbab… Best in Riyadh…

FIC is truly a world class FIlipino food. You can read more about the review of Best in Riyadh for Fruits in Ice Cream here at