Hearing all the news of the scorching summer heat at home in the Philippines, I imagine myself once again enjoying our ever favorite Pinoy dessert, Halo-halo. The ingredients are prepared with various sweetened beans and fruits wherein shaved ice is added on top poured with evaporated milk and finally, leche flan, ube or ice cream is added.

I grew up eating halo-halo with only few sweets added on it. Maybe about three or four ingredients are enough, then added with too much shaved ice and a little milk, and leche flan. The sweetened ingredients may or may not include the following like sago, gulaman, sweet potato, ube halaya, saging na saba, swettened beans, kaong, nata de coco. I still remember only three or four of these ingredients are enough when we prepare it at home. What I really love most is my halo-halo with toasted pinipig on it. In spite of that, we love it sharing the joy of eating especially on a summer vacation at school. We prepare it ourselves using the manual pang-gadgad ng yelo (ice shaver) and we cook our own sweetened fruits.

Here in Saudi Arabia, majority of days are summer. Pinoys here often enjoy eating in various ice cream shops or you even buy gallons of ice creams and just keep them in the freezer and enjoy some whenever they want to. A major brand also have stores here like the FIC (Fruits in Ice cream) wherein I only had known this popular Pinoy brand in Jeddah. When you want to eat Halo-halo, you can visit any Filipino stores or restaurants here and get some. You mostly find them in big servings and the halo or the sweetened fruits are mostly generous. The crushed ice is almost only 1/4 of the glass.

One time before going home, we dropped by at Blue Ribbon Bakeshop to buy Pinoy  breads and Halo-halo. You get to enjoy Blue Ribbon’s Halo-halo because of the size of servings. But the sweetened ingredients are not than yummy because most of them are from preserves in jar. There’s no minatamis na saging na saba at that time, and saba bananas here are relatively expensive. Still, we get to enjoy this very generous serving of Halo-halo at Blue Ribbon. I just don’t like the fact that it is prepared by a non-Filipino at the time of our visit. Well, I just don’t feel like it is prepared in authentic Pinoy way =).