hopia – blue ribbon

Hopia is just one of the many Filipino breads and pastries being sold at Blue Ribbon Bakeshop. This Filipino bakeshop is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The name is very catchy because of the popular brand we have in the Philippines, the Red Ribbon Bakeshop. Blue Ribbon Bakeshop is visited by many kabayans for its wide array of Filipino baked goodies. It is strategically located near the Riyadh Military Hospital in Sulimanya where many Filipinos lived, and most of them worked in the hospital. Next to the bakeshop also are many other Filipino stores, so the place is a one-stop place for kabayans.

http://foodandhealth.archiedelara.com/wordpress/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gifBlue Ribbon turns out to be serving genuine Filipino breads that we Filipinos truly love. Many of them are my favorites like the Spanish bread, egg pie, ensaymada, cake rolls, mamon, pandesal and of course the hopia. They have many kinds and flavors of hopia, but of course, hopia baboy is not available. Usually available are diced hopia, hopia monggo and hopia ube.

Whenever you crave for the traditional Filipino breads, you can visit Blue Ribbon any time. You will find freshly baked goodies daily. Rest assured that the breads are traditionally baked by Filipino bakers, so the taste is very Filipino.