We were a bit tired from a long drive from Dammam, so we look for a place where we can satisfy our palate with good food. Although late in the evening, it was also sort of a finale to a birthday celebration of my friend. It was a late dinner just to relieve our exhaustion from a long drive and from the badminton games of my friends. We chose to treat ourselves to Indonesian Island Restaurant.

I have heard that Indonesian Island Restaurant originally located in some other place in Riyadh. Now it belongs to Malaz area.

Food. The food is the primary reason that you’ll keep on coming back  here. Being a Filipino, Indonesian foods are somewhat near to what Filipino foods are. You’ll find here a wide selection of Southeast Asian cuisines characteristically containing coconut milk, peanut sauce and tamarind for sour soup like sinigang. The Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce is excellent. You must ask for more of the peanut sauce for it can be used also in some other meal, even in rice alone. The Beef Dendeng is so crispy and mildly seasoned. The boiled eggs in spicy tomato sauce is also delicious. You won’t notice that you’ll finish your steam rice so soon.

Ambiance and Service. The We were the only customer at this very late dinner so the food was served early. The waiters were accommodating, as we are regular customers and they are Filipino. You can see the kitchen staff cooking from your table because of the glass wall in between. The family section is located on the second floor of the restaurant. The dining area needs more renovation. The fixtures are quite aged and rundown and there are only four tables in the bachelor area.

Price. The meal is relatively economical as the averaged is SR20. A whole set meal is only 30SR. For a group of four or six, 200SR maybe more than enough.

Overall Likeness: Moderately Like because of taste of food and similarity to Filipino food.

Moderately Like


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