The wide array of effects and health benefits of spices that are prevalent in Indian Cuisine are represented in this helpful infographic produced by Nawaab Restaurant. Many of these spices have long been used in Indian culture as a means to help care for the body and the mind.

For example, super spice capsaicin is one of the world’s most effective foodstuffs for retaining the body’s health. Metabolism, heart health and prostate health are just a few functions that can benefit greatly from the regular consumption of capsaicin.

From protecting the lungs against the growth of tumours to aiding hair growth, the infographic demonstrates the wide range of benefits that can be attained from the spices found in Indian cuisine and the signature dishes at Nawaab Manchester.


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About the Contributor:
Chris Balme produced this infographic about the health benefits of spices found in Indian cuisine and in the signature dishes at Nawaab Restaurant.