We all love Italian food. Well, I suppose so because even Saudis and most of Arabs like Italian food. Who doesn’t want pizza spaghetti and tiramisu? Italian cuisine is simple yet a favorite by many. Even from history books, Italian food marked its popularity. Here in Riyadh, there were a lot of Italian restaurants sprawling from every corner of the city. Restaurants range from locally grown and franchises from various part of the world exist here.

One restaurant catches my attention is this very stylish looking façade of a restaurant in Thalia Street. It looks like a mansion as you get nearer and yes, it is an Italian restaurant. It’s a very obvious Italian name called Rossopomodoro. Browsing via Google, it has branches in UK, USA, and Australia. I’m not sure which one is the main branch or where it originated. I guess it is well-known throughout Europe. After a few minutes looking for other sites, of course the headquarters is in Italy – where else. Moreover, when I browse the photos taken, the branches were written below the signage of the restaurant.

Rossopomodoro Ambiance

At last, I was able to try their food although; up to this date I’m a fan of Vapiano. Entering the restaurant, the place looks expensive. What? Expensive? Why? Because the interior is well decorated and the furniture looks elegant. They have mastered how to make their restaurant look beautiful. With their branches all over Europe and the USA, you’ll feel like you’re really in a Western country outside Riyadh. I just realize that I’m still in Riyadh because of Filipino servers and patrons dining on their thobe. I might be exaggerating but that’s what I feel of my first glance of the dining area. It was just too dark for me. I don’t know why most restaurants use this atmosphere. It just makes me feel sleepy and not wanting to eat anymore.

Rossopomodoro Menu

Now on the menu, you’ll be given this huge one-piece menu, where the photos and list/description crammed all in one page. I can’t remember if there were photos, or it was a list only and the other page is in Arabic. Well, I need to verify this again and update this post. The price looks almost the same as with other Italian restaurant in the city. Wait, until we review each food ordered. The staff is polite and knows well the menu, although they seem too busy but approachable.

For the meantime, I will just feature this antipasti called Calamarello which is a classic Neapolitan fried calamari on crispy zucchini.

This branch is localed along Thalia Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia beside this Turkish restaurant Kosebasi and in rows with Buffalo.