Passing by it a couple of times, The Crepe Café catches our attention to one day try their food. The restaurant is a newly opened branch (the other one is in Riyadh Gallery) at Talateen Street. On a late brunch, passed lunch time we then had the time to visit The Crepe Café.

Food. The food tastes delectable. I like so much the pieces of salmon in the Norweigan crepes, as well as the Jumbo Hotdog crepes. There’s also beef bacon mushroom omelette. All of the food is moderately seasoned, which is just right.

Service. The servers are too busy, I believe they are unmanned for a usual weekend lunch.

Ambiance. From the outside, the place looks inviting. The dining area is overlooking a wide view of the street. On a mid afternoon, the place is too bright. There is a feeling that the kitchen is in too much rush, maybe because the family section is packed with customers (a weekend in Riyadh). The restroom is really nice as per my friend.

Price. The meal is reasonably priced as per servings with the Jumbo Hotdog Crepe for only SR23, Norweigan Crepe for SR35. Total bill for 2 persons, with drinks at SR106 without leftovers (only pieces that I would want to finish as much I can do).

Location:  Talateen Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Overall Likeness: Extremely Like of 5.

The Crepe Cafe

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