Fish in Garlic Sauce @ Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Fish in Garlic Sauce @ Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant

For a truly authentic Chinese food, you must try Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant in Riyadh. This restaurant not only offers good food but also great discount for kabayan – fellow Filipino expatriates.

In front of the restaurant main entrance, you will be greeted with red round Chinese lantern. The motif is very obvious that is red everything from table cloth, menus, and furniture. The place is very rustic as the tables, chairs and most furniture are very old including the chinaware. The area is well ventilated with very cool air – you will not get smelly even if the staff served you with any sizzling dish. On ordinary dinner time, the place is not so full. Mostly Chinese families, or group of Chinese bachelors come and go. You’ll feel as if you’re outside the Arab country when inside the restaurant. The place is very homey as it seems you are in a family house where the Chinese chefs roam around that I don’t mind them and not an annoyance.Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant Riyadh (5) Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant Riyadh (1)

There is a vast selection of Chinese food from the menu from fish, seafood, beef, chicken and noodles everything except pork of course. Price range from 40 to 110 per meal depending on the type.

In this visit, we were immediately served with sweet pickled vegetables and prawn crackers. We opted not to have soup anymore but based from previous dinners, I usually liked the wanton soup or spicy bean curd soup. We had prawn salad that was always tasty having fruit cocktail mixed with cooked shelled slice prawns in light mayonnaise. It also contained nata de coco. We always ordered pancit bihon or vermicelli that is very tasty noodles even with moderate pieces of chicken and vegetables. The beef steak was served in a teppanyaki sizzling plate with laborious amount of sweet savory sauce. While the fish in garlic sauce is very tasty with so much vegetables and large pieces of soft fried fish fillets and a very garlicky sauce.Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant Riyadh (2) Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant Riyadh (3)

For the dessert you must try the banana fritters with ice cream. The banana was caramelized that’s perfect match with the vanilla ice cream and honey on top. At the end of your meal, you will be given a hot towel to freshen up.

We visit Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant every now and then so I will feature other dishes from the menu on my future posts.

Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant seems to be one of the first established Chinese restaurant in Riyadh as it seems that the Chinese chefs had been here long time as well as the dining staff mostly Filipinos.  For some good reason, the staff gives us discount every time we dine in including this dinner. This discount I suppose is given to every kabayan or Filipino expatriates visiting to dine. I’m not sure it the restaurant give the same discount for others like Chinese expatriates.Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant Riyadh (4)

Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant is located at the second floor of tower 2 Al Mousa Residential and Commercial Center located along Olaya St. in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Contact tel: +966 11 4645136