Kabsa is a very common meal in Saudi Arabia.  It consists of the cooked rice with spices and the grilled or barbequed meat (either chicken or lamb).

When I first tasted this, I liked it even though the smell is very strong. The spices made the rice aromatic.

Some kabsa have yellow rice on it.  You also need to select from which store you’ll buy.  Some stores prepare this with too much oil, and some stores are not clean.

The distinct way of eating this is by using a large plastic to be lined in the table or can be on the floor, then put all the rice and meat on it.  Kabsa stores usually sell this for about SR 10-15, which is usually good for 2-3 persons.  So most often, you can enjoy this, sit around with your friends and eat all together. I like the way it is served with fresh white onions, spinach and homemade tomato dip/sauce.