tagine lemon chicken

La Belle Rose is one of the many restaurants along the river in Ourika Valley, about an hour drive outside Marrakesh, Morocco.

You can experience a delightful lunch right at the bank of the river, which is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

It was a relaxing treat after a challenging trek going up the mountain to reach the falls.

Hearing the clear running waters of the river as it cascades made an enjoyable dining experience.

La Belle Rose – Morocco

The chicken skewer was mildly seasoned or spiced (I think with local herbs), predominantly I tasted mint on it. The same was a great taste for the tangine lemon chicken that was very tender and tasty.

chicken skewer

The vegetable soup had a pure taste, no added seasoning I tasted that much. The fruit salad was a refreshing treat to eat, sweet and fresh.

Vegetable Soup

Overall, the experience of dining along side a famous river in Ourika Valley, Morocco was delightful feeling that you were close to nature and the food were fresh. The set meal that consisted of tagine lemon chicken and a soup was really authentic.