Life and Leisure started as a food and travel blog then later on became one of most visited sites in the Philippines covering arts and culture, as well as current news and advice and tips.

In one of the site’s review of a restaurant, Le Petit Cheri, the blog featured this perfectly cooked, moist and juicy Duck L’Orange made from lean duck breast meat. The author, Adeline Yuboco, gave a chance to have this interview. Below are the questions and answers.

What inspires you to create an interesting food blog?

I have been a longtime fan of food travel shows, particularly “No Reservations” by Anthony Bourdain and “Bizarre Foods” by Andrew Zimmermn. I admire how not only how they are able to articulate very well the food and dining spots where they have eaten. More important, I was amazed on how they were able to tie the food they’ve eaten to the culture of the people that prepare and eat these meals, bringing the entire dining experience to full circle. Seeing how they have done this in their food travel shows inspired me to the same in my blog. That is why along with featuring different food spots across the Philippines, I’ve also thrown in a bit of info on travel, arts and culture and lifestyle tips as well.

How did you get started into food blogging?

I actually got into food blogging thanks to the encouragement of my family and close friends. At that time, I have already been working as a web content writer for four years, and they found it rather ironic that despite my line of work, I don’t have at least a blog where I can showcase my writing ability. When I asked them for suggestions on what to blog about, they suggested to blog about things that I’m passionate about. Discovering and eating all sorts of food from different cuisines was one of them. Hence, Life and Leisure was born.

What is the greatest accomplishment in your food blog?

I don’t think I have something yet I would consider as my greatest accomplishment. I do have a lot of milestones, though.

One is that it has earned me respect among my friends as someone who not only is truly passionate about food, but as someone who they can go to for recommendations on where to eat if they want to try a particular dish or cuisine.

Another is having a following not just by fellow Filipinos, but also readers from other parts of the world. Through my blog, I’m able to introduce to them not only the different Filipino foods, but also how we celebrate our innate love for food and eating.

Lastly, my blog had been recently ranked as a PR3 blog by Google within its first year. With the many rigid rules and policies Google has in terms of the quality of the content in the blog, use of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, and links, getting this ranking from Google showed me that I’m on the right path. It also encouraged me to keep doing what I’m doing in terms of my blog.

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