Red Lobster Restaurant RiyadhNews spread by word of mouth about the newly opened Red Lobster Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The restaurant is heard to be with the same franchise owner of Fridays or Applebees (not sure though). The restaurant which is located near Exit 8 will be very easy find and for sure you’ll not miss the signage of the restaurant together with the other new restaurant called LongHorn Steakhouse – also with the same franchise owner as with the Red Lobster.

The makeup of the restaurant building here in Riyadh is very characteristic of a Red Lobster Restaurant from that of the North American branches. Going inside, you will just have to enter various doors – and that makes the interior small. This is typical to many restaurants in Saudi Arabia that is designed to have more privacy in accordance to their custom. But even the singles area consists of various doors or sections. There are still no fish tanks that should be filled with live lobsters. The Filipino servers notified us that it should be installed very soon.

Red Lobster Restaurant Riyadh Saudi

The Red Lobster Restaurant menu consists mainly of seafoods cooked various Western style.  There are some pastas, salmon, shrimps, crabs and of course lobsters. We are about to order live whole lobsters, but since they still don’t have the fish tanks, we opted for the tails.

I wasn’t sure why the service is super fast considering the food are mainly seafoods. The servers immediately gave us the complimentary green salad and cheddar bay biscuits. The biscuits tasted dry. Then immediately, after a few minutes, they served the soup. I was trying to indulge myself more with my lobster bisque soup, then came immediately the crabs and the lobster. The soup is very tasty, but the portion was a bit small as per price.

Red Lobster Restaurant Riyadh KSA

Now, with the main dishes that were served super fast, we had the Lobster Lover’s Dream which consisted of Maine Lobster tail and the Rock Lobster Tail with lobster and shrimp pasta. Price is SAR150, which is reasonable as per my companion. We also ordered the North Pacific King Crab Legs for the same price as with the lobster. The crabs legs were not that easy to crack anymore – maybe because of its frozen state prior to cooking. But each legs had full crab meat inside, and was tasty. Now, the side blanched vegetables particularly the broccoli was soggy. As with the rock lobster tails, the meat was a bit chewy, but tasty. We should have eaten them immediately when placed in our table. The other one, the Maine lobster tail was just right and tasty as well. The accompanied pasta is very much liked.

For the dessert, we had the Chocolate Wave – served warm, and it was very moist and chocolaty and not too sweet served with vanilla ice cream.  For beverages, we got a Margarita and the Malibu Hurricane that was very, very sweet.
Red Lobster Restaurant Riyadh Lobster tail Red Lobster Restaurant Riyadh Crabs Red Lobster Restaurant Riyadh Chocolate Wave

The total bill for this dinner was SAR384 for two people. It was very pricey but I find it worthy to try as it was very rare to me to have this big crab legs that has so much meat inside as well as the lobster meat that was tasty. I had lobster thermidor in Sizzler House once, but it didn’t have much lobster meat on it.

Here is the location/address:
North Ring Roa, Exit 8, Khalid bin Al Waleed intersection with Dammam Road

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