Lobster Thermidor Sizzler House RiyadhLobster Thermidor is a popular French dish served in many high class restaurants. Maybe because the dish consists of high-priced ingredients like Gruyère, cognac or brandy and of course lobster meat. You will be surprised having seen this dish in an ordinary restaurant like Sizzler House in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The restaurant Sizzler House may look like a typical restaurant but they serve good food. Having dine here a couple of times, the food maybe typical but most meals are tasty. The servings are usually large and good for sharing. The Lobster Thermidor is no exemption to this.

Priced at SR 102, the Lobster Thermidor served in Sizzler House is appetizing from its presentation. Not sure about the taste, because it seems that the stuffing seems only consisting of prawns and shrimps. But it is creamy and delicious and maybe there are also some lobster meat.

Aside from the main meal, we had Carnival Soup, French Onion Soup and Chefs Salad. Overall, the dining experience is satisfying. Total Bill is SR 184 with drinks good for two persons.

This branch we visited of Sizzler House is located along Khurais Road, in restaurants rows along with Amo Hamza Seafood Restaurant and Cinnabon. You can also check their website for other details www.sizzlerhouse.com.

Lobster Thermidor Sizzler House

French Onion Soup Sizzler House