The inspiration behind creating the interesting is the love for food, cooking and writing. The owner of the website also loves to share new discoveries and ideas, as well as the need to connect with like-minded readers.

According to, it is not necessary to have lots of fund to come up with series of interesting food blogs. Since eating is necessary to people, you don’t have to go out of your way to spend on your subject matter. Even the most ordinary things on your table can be interesting if you put the proper spin to it.

The piece of advice that the website wants to share with other food bloggers is to read, read, read and write, write, write. Blogging is at its heart, communication. And the best way to master communication is to expose yourself to good examples of writing and to practice. Reading good books, even if it’s not food related, will go a long way in honing your writing skills.

The blog Kitchen Cow regularly posts and has a vast lists of recipe index and restaurant selections. You must meet Natsume and Natsuki because you’ll be amazed what they can do through this blog. The author loves Japanese food so majority of the posts looks like more of maki, katsu and more bentos.

Since 2006, Kitchen Cow has been posting interesting food reviews and restaurant visits. It seems that the site continues to entice its readers with more great foodie news. You can see more from of their posts here