Bangkok Seafood Restaurant in RiyadhWhen abroad, the closest food we Filipinos can enjoy eating is Thai food. Well many of us can at least have an idea what Thai food tastes like – it can be too spicy. But there’s one Thai restaurant here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where they are able to customize their food as to customers preference. We Filipinos normally like sweet to mild spicy food, so Thai food is the best alternative if we cannot find a decent Filipino restaurant in a different country we work or visit.

When I started working abroad, I was able to taste and to like various food from other countries. I had once a favorite Thai restaurant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where it had been serving Filipino food as well. It was the first time I tasted Tom Yum Goong.

Going back here in Riyadh, here’s one restaurant that serves decent Thai food. You will see at least that the staff are all Thai, thinking that the chef and cooks are all Thai. An early dinner is advisable here since you will be able to get almost all of your favorite Thai dishes and have a feast. Pad thai is a must and as well as their deep fried fish with mango salad. The Wanton soup is not a good choice as the filling of the wanton is somewhat not tasty and dry. The price of the food is reasonable while the interior of the restaurant is just a place for dining and not really desirable to stay long – at least the air-conditioning is working well.
Thai food - Bangkok Rest Riyadh

At the time of dining, all the food were served super fast – that made us wonder if the food were leftovers. Or maybe, they had little crowd this early dinner time of the day so they manage to cook fast, or they had available pre-cooked batches of every dish that we ordered. Total bill is SR150 having Pad Thai, deep fried fish with mango, Wanton soup, sambal kangkong, and a fried duck (not sure of the name).

Bangkok Seafood Restaurant is located along Al Urubah Road in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia away from malls and commercial areas, just along your way you will see King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital.

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