Growing up in my hometown in Nueva Ecija in the Philippines, it’s really nice getting to know some home-grown restaurants still exist. I remember I use to fancy having to dine in and try different food here. One time we were in a nearby Waltermart mall, we decided to look for a place to eat after a movie. We were thinking that the kids would just want the usual fast food, Jollibee or McDo. But when asked if they would like to try NE, a local bakeshop and restaurant, they just said okay.

NE Bakeshop and Restaurant is part of a group of home-grown companies in Cabanatuan City engaged in mall operations and bakeshop and restaurant. You will find many bake products in the supermarket and bakeshop outlets all over Nueva Ecija. I particularly remember that it is a specialty if you buy an NE tasty bread or other cakes at the time when I was studying college.

Looking around the outlet of NE restaurant in Waltermart, there were no significant food or item, you’ll find interesting. Even the cakes and breads are all ordinary items. They also don’t look attractive. Even the viands on display, it seems not appetizing. Anyways, we proceed to order and just try to enjoy for a something new meal. We ordered nilagang baka, dinuguan, palabok, chicharon bulaklak, lumpiang shanghai, and siomai. The taste of these viands were not really delicious, and not even comparable to home cooked meals. The taste was just okay, or maybe I was too much exposed to different cuisines.

The place was not even patronized by many as there were few customers dining in. The staff were also too strict on the servings that they even weigh the items prior to serving. One customer was annoyed when he asked to put all what’s remaining on the bowl of pancit (not enough for a single serving anymore) but instead the server insisted not to give them all.

The experience was just right and it may not be memorable for the kids anymore. For sure, when asked next time, they will not opt to dine again at NE restaurant.