Killing some time in a coffee shop, I don’t know what to work on with my website projects or blog. Although a lot more things in line to edit and update on various projects, I still don’t know which one to prioritize. Thinking much, I opted to blog about this coffee shop where I visit frequently with my friends. Aside from Seattle’s Best, which is one of my favorites, Dr. Cafe is the closest one. Also, a Saudi man with his four boys who has just came in catches my attention. They seem to have some good time having their cakes and drinks while occasional loud chitchats. They are also maybe killing some time waiting for their madam (maybe shopping around the mall). Thus, I opted to get some cakes and drinks also to talk about in this article.

This is a long time over due article about a dominant coffee shop in Saudi Arabia, particularly in Riyadh. When I first visited Riyadh way back in 2009, my immediate recall of Riyadh is my experience at Dr. Café.  Dr. Café seems to be rather a local brand but looking at their website, it has various locations in Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait, Egypt and UAE.

I’m having a hard time taking too much coffee again, so I tried other drinks. Thinking that the Iced Mocha Caramel has no coffee, it tastes like a coffee caramel. The Swiss Chocolate Layer Cake looks like an Oreo Cookie cake, because of an obvious one piece Oreo on top. It tastes moderately sweet which is good and less guilt when you finish a slice of it, but the cake is not that moist. Price is moderate for a slice of cake for SR13. A regular short size brewed coffee costs only SR6.

All branches of Dr. Café have stylish furniture and comfy sofas. The store has a catchy green background on signage and logo. The area is always clean and cosy. The service is rather pleasant when asked for suggestions on what’s good to order. The staff also tried to accommodate you as fast and courteous as they could when in hurry for closing the store in between prayer times.

Overall the rate is extremely like as to food and service and is suggested for gatherings with your friends. Also, the store is comfortable for your usual coffee breaks and desserts and advisable for family gatherings as well for they have spacious family section.

This branch is located at Granada Center, Riyadh Saudi Arabia. You can visit their site at www.dr-cafe.com and they advertise all over their official twitter account @drcafeksa on signage and receipts.