The Food Techie is a collaboration of foodies and health advocates who share the same passion in blogging. This was started in March 2012 by the admin of ad DOTCOM who is a graduate of Bachelors in Science Degree on Food Technology.  He immediately worked with various food companies engaged into bakery and restaurants. Since then he continues to intensify his fondness to food and the processes it undergoes to make it appealing and satisfying for human consumption.

The Food Techie mostly talks about food preparation and restaurant reviews. This site also aims to discuss health benefits or risks a certain food may bring to our body. Since this is also a food technology blog, any innovations relating to food processing can also be tackled here.

Upon learning of the phenomenal surge of the popularity of the web, The Food Techie was started as a sub-niche of ad DOTCOM. This further gained to become independent for us to further explore and connect with other foodies and bloggers.

The Food Techie aims to be the forefront of food bloggers in networking with each other. We are open for possibility of being the primary source of food and health related information, giving its readers the freedom of sharing opinions with each other.