Paul Bakery Restaurant Riyadh macaroons

At PAUL Bakery & Restaurant in Riyadh, you can’t have enough experience on just one visit because of a wide selection of French food from the menu. You will be astounded with the extravagant display of French patisserie upon entering the doors. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a photo of the entrance because it is the common entrance for bachelors and family guests. Maybe on my next visit I will be able to take a quick photo of the place and also to explore more the menu.

From the outside of the restaurant, the facade is somewhat similar to an office building or maybe I am not that familiar with PAUL Bakery & Restaurant that is originally from France founded in 1889. But for sure, an avid followers of French cuisines will notice this restaurant as the look is typical of that of shops in France.

As we were greeted by the service staff, we were then immediately assisted to the bachelors’ section. The place was a bit small with four to five tables. Patrons mostly Saudis and other Arabs come and go. We had a gratin feast  – anyway I love potatoes.

This visit, we tasted gratin forestier (SAR 46), gratin brandade de cabillaud (SAR 56) and Crepe au Saumon (SAR 49)

Paul Bakery Restaurant Riyadh potato gratin

The gratin forestier had sliced chicken breast, sauteed mushrooms, potato rings and onion, topped with bechamel sauce, grated emmental and mozzarella cheese. What made me like it is the bechamel sauce is very creamy. I liked most the gratin brandade de cabillaud. It had this cod fish brandade, sun-dried tomatoes, potato puree and bechamel sauce. On the side, it has mixed green salad and onion jam. The crepe au saumon contained two pancakes filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese, light fresh cream, topped with grated mozzarella cheese. There were enough salmon in between pancakes.

We should not leave PAUL in Riyadh without tasting anything from the bakery. For dessert, we had Choco Banana (SAR 22) and Mielle Feuille Cafe 16. I didn’t like much of the choco banana and mielle feuille but I loved most of the macaroons served with the coffee.

Paul Bakery Restaurant Riyadh choco banana Paul Bakery Restaurant Riyadh mielle feuille

Total bill for this visit at PAUL Bakery & Restaurant in Riyadh with coffee and drinks was SAR 249 for two persons.  This branch is located at Aknaz Building, along Thalia street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Paul Bakery Restaurant Riyadh dining Paul Bakery Restaurant Riyadh