Pizza Napoli Riyadh KSAThere are too many Italian restaurants in Riyadh, and one of these is Pizza Napoli. The restaurant may seem to be originally conceptualized here in Riyadh, or may be this is a franchise from outside Saudi Arabia. You can’t tell because of the very common name they use for the restaurant and even if you searched the Internet, the list goes on for Pizza Napoli. Maybe,  second visit will let us know the origin of the restaurant when given a chance to chat with food servers.

In any case, the food is delightful and you can enjoy the taste of near to authentic Italian food. The Pizza Calabrese costed SR 55 which had the usual tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives, salami and basil. While the Linguini Pesto was SR45, that may not be appealing on the photo below – but it tasted good. The pesto sauce was prepared with a creamy tone.

The visit was done last June 15, 2012. The posting was a bit delayed due to little time creating reviews.

Pizza Calabrese - Pizza Napoli riyadh

Pesto Pasta - Pizza Napoli Riyadh

Pizza Napoli is located in Tahlia St., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Pizza Napoli restaurant Riyadh

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