pork sinigang sa bayabasHere’s one recipe that most Filipinos love, usually by Tagalogs in Central Luzon. Sinigang is commonly popular in the Philippines that is using tamarind to sour the soup. This recipe is from the kitchen of my Nanay, and we always have abundant ripe guavas all the time – so our sinigang is cooked with guavas.

The recipe was an estimate of what my mother cooks – as I see while she was preparing it. The taste of the soup is moderately sour with a little bit sweet flavored guava. The ingredients are very minimal.

1 kg pork buto-buto with moderate amount of meat
10-15 pcs ripe guavas – medium size (peeled)
1 big bundle of kangkong
fish sauce to taste

1. In a big pot, boil the pork until the scum can be removed.
2. Continue boiling until the meat is tender.
3. Add the guavas and season according to taste.
4. Add the kangkong to final simmer.
5. Serve while hot with rice.

pork in sour soup using guava