In supporting other Pinoy Food Techies, I get inspiration again in blogging more about food especially Filipino food. I also get the chance to communicate with other fellow food bloggers and it is a great way to keep the passion going.

The same with the author of Foodies Haven, whom gets inspiration to blog more and keep the passion going. In response to the interview, when asked “ What inspires you to create interesting food blog?” Foodies Haven replied, “ I started sharing food photos in my blog over a year ago and my friends got curious on what restaurant was that from, or how much was it. So being the good friend that I am, I began sharing more information and reviews about my food escapades as well. I guess knowing that my readers and my friends enjoy my food blog inspire me and all the more ignite my passion in food blogging.”

On the other hand, Foodies Haven’s author is actually a food blogger by accident and just happens to like taking photos of own food. “And one time, I accumulated so much pictures that I thought of sharing them via the world wide web. I have another blog dedicated to beauty and fashion, but I don’t want to mix food posts with it so I decided to start a separate blog for my food adventures. I have to say though that I took a long hiatus from my food blog but now I’m back and kickin’ and excited to set foot on new restaurants! :)”

For the question, what is your greatest accomplishment in your food blog, she replied “If by accomplishment you mean awards and recognition, I have to say my humble blog hasn’t gotten any (yet :D). But I’m overjoyed and fulfilled to know people find my food blog interesting and helpful as well — that, I think is an accomplishment on my part already. It’s nice to know that people enjoy what I enjoy sharing. I’m forever grateful to those who follow and read every post.”

Readers can follow Foodies Haven through twitter @hazelsalcedo and on Facebook