From time to time, we visit Cabrito for authentic kabsa. As it is a favorite here in Saudi Arabia, kabsa is a complete meal with chicken, lamb or beef on top of rice.

It was another weekend and for a long time, I had not had kabsa. The craving started a few weeks before but there was no time to visit the nearest kabsa restaurant. It was our third or fourth time visiting this restaurant, but this is my time now to blog about it.

Now visiting Cabrito in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I had the usual meal chicken kabsa for this together with lamb kabsa is the meal we only know on the menu. We were hesitant to try other meal. The menu is in Arabic, and all the staff hardly speaks English. The place is frequented by many locals as well as other Arabs. But this place is also popular among Filipinos.

At the counter, you’ll get to order from the list. At least, this time the cashier immediately understands our order. Do not forget to select from the kind of rice for your meal. Usually, you’ll get to select from three choices – the one is plain, the other one has all brown colored and the other one with some red specks and more spices on it. I do not know what the names are. But these all taste good because they use long grain Basmati rice.

Cabrito restaurant is a typical Saudi Arabian restaurant where there are cubicles, each one have its own door. The difference of Cabrito from other kabsa restaurant here in Riyadh is that the meat and chicken are very flavorful. Both are very tender and really taste good. The lamb kabsa even tastes like lechon – a Filipino favorite that is roasted pork. Of course, the chicken kabsa is a favorite. The place is also a bit upscale, where it is cleaner and has more spaces to dine in. Most small kabsa stores you’ll see around Riyadh have few tables on the area as they are take-away stores.

From our last visit, we noticed that the portions were a bit smaller for the lamb kabsa and chicken kabsa. The lamb kabsa priced at SR55 which is a bit pricey and from our last visit it was SR48. The half chicken kabsa was SR15 which is the usual price from many other kabsa restaurant. For the dessert, we again have the kunafa with cream cheese filling. The good thing about their kunafa is that it is not soaked with sugar syrup as normally do others. But maybe, this one has a different name, that I do not know.

I’m not sure if there were other branches around Riyadh, but this one is located at King Abdulaziz Road, almost near King Abdullah Road.