Jonah's BoracayWhen visiting Boracay Island in the Philippines, you should not miss Jonah’s Fruit Shake. Even if you visit Boracay often, for sure you will enjoy various fruit shake flavors here.

For a starter, you should try the basics without the mix like the Mango and or Avocado shakes. Then, you can experiment tasting the different mix of fruits. During busy hours, ordering your fruits shake may take longer. Anyway, you will find their fruits shakes as fresh as possible using fresh in season fruits.

You can also try the version of Jonah’s Pizza Frutti Di Mare. The pizza crust is totally different that is very crunchy and the toppings are just fresh and right with mouthwatering melted cheese.

Jonah's Pizza

The price per bottle or glass of fruit shake at Jonah’s may seem a bit pricey for Php 100 ++ and the pizza for Php 400 ++ but it’s worth the try.

Jonah’s Fruit Shake & Snack Bar is located along Station 1 beachfront in Boracay, Aklan, Philippines. You must visit the beachfront branch to truly enjoy sipping your favorite fruit shake overlooking the beautiful scenery of the beach.

Jonahs Fruit Shakes BoracayJonahs Fruit Shakes