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I’ve been having a hard time reviewing restaurants and food that I prepare. Most often than not, I end up writing too short here in my blog about the restaurants I dine in. Maybe, this time I’ll try a different approach. During my college days, we usually use sensory evaluation to evaluate certain characteristics of food. As the name goes, I’ll be using of course the senses but this time with the use of a scale method to describe how I like the food or the restaurant.

Sensory evaluation may sound simple but this method is helping food technologists and scientist to evaluate food prior to releasing to market. It is a scientific approach and there is a discipline in conducting the method. This method is used also to develop new food products and improve existing product.

I will be using on my upcoming posts a hedonic scale rating to describe my likeness of the food or restaurant that I will feature. I think, a 5-point hedonic scale rating is enough for this purpose.

The method is described below as per given characteristic. A smiley tag will be given for each and every post, and to obtain the overall rate of the restaurant or food.

5 = extremely like

4 = moderately like

3 = like nor dislike

2 = moderately dislike

1 = extremely dislike