Craving for some salad, so decided to take some at Steakhouse. I was thinking of having some light meals after a workout, then immediately thought of salad. With salad, you can’t go wrong. But then, it really depends on the preparation.

When I was in front of the salad bar, I couldn’t think of what particular combination I would prepare. So, I started with this creamy soup, I forgot the exact name. Then I prepared the leafy side of the salad and drizzled some blue cheese dressing. I couldn’t stop eating, but still I came back for some more. This time, I prepared more on the pasta side. I actually added everything on the selection from the shredded cheddar cheese up to the tuna salad. But, the potato salad is somewhat not that cooked.

Overall, the dining experience is good and as ever, we’ll keep n coming back to try some other food in the menu. But this time, I just indulge on the salad bar.

Total bill for two: SR128. The soup and salad bar costs SR 36. Regular ice tea is SR9 and orange juice is SR18.

@Steakhouse – Olaya, thalateen St., Riyadh. The Bistro Salad sampler costs only SR 39 with a big slice of French brie. This is a Waldorf Chicken salad, Harvest salad with mango dressing, seasonal fruit, and French Brie. Served with French Bread.