TGI Molten Chocolate Cake

Night is still young and we decided to take our dessert at TGI Fridays. The area where it is located is a bit crowded with young Saudis and there’s mild sandstorm. It doesn’t matter as we are accustomed to these conditions.

Food. There are Molten Chocolate with hot caramel sauce, carrot cake and brownie. What all would you like for a dessert with your favorite coffee or tea. These desserts are matched with green tea and it compliments just right. The TGI Fridays desserts are not that too sweet so the ice creams that accompany each one is just enough calorie.

Service and Ambiance. TGI Fridays as usual is busy but they manage it well.

Price. A bit pricey but worth it between SR23 to SR31.

Location. Near Euromarche at Takhasusi St., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Overall Likeness: Extremely Like of 5.


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