The Orchard RoadSometime in June 2012, when I came home to the Philippines for vacation, I made sure to have some feast on Hainanese chicken. There were no time I had eaten this in any restaurant I visited in Riyadh so far, that’s why I planned to visit any restaurant in Manila serving Hainanese chicken.

I then had a chance to eat Hainanese chicken in one restaurant in SM Megamall called The Orchard Road. Aside from the Hainanese Chicken Rice, we had Laksa and Black Pepper Pork Rice. I was satisfied with the taste of the Hainanese Chicken, but the rice on the side tasted too much oily for me. It might have been really that not freshly made. But the chicken meat tasted really good, and very tender that it somewhat melted in your mouth easily.  On the other hand, the Laksa and Black Pepper Rice had no distinctive taste, and were very ordinary.

The Orchard Road Hainanese Chicken

My basis for the standard taste was that of the rice for Hainanese Chicken being prepared by the Chinese chef when I was working in Banana Leaf Restaurant many years back. I remembered that even if it was made from chicken fat, it tasted not too much oily – maybe the Chinese chef preparing it had some techniques to make it not to taste fatty. Whenever he cooked his meal during lunch break, he usually gave me some to have a taste of what he cooks.

Overall, the dining experience was satisfying. The Hainanese Chicken rice cost Php 195, Laksa for Php 185 and Black Pepper Rice for 175.
The Orchard Road LaksaThe Orchard Road Black Pepper Chicken